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In Her Cart: YouTuber & TV Host Dominique Sachse

Get a peek at the faves of this always-inspiring beauty guru.

By Dominique Sachse   3-Minute Read

Let’s be honest: it’s hard not to be inspired by the tips, positivity, and encouragement YouTuber, podcaster, author, and TV host Dominique Sachse offers weekly to women in their prime. We at Womaness have been delighted to have been on her radar from almost our inception (Our Let’s Neck serum made a first splash on her channel!). So we’re here with the intel on the five Womaness items that have made it into her regular rotation. Here’s the rundown.



“Give yourself a break. There's no such thing as perfect. Strive for excellence in all that you do and appreciate the climb as much as the summit.” Dominique Sachse



1. Me.No.Pause.

Dominique knows first-hand about the changes that come with age. “Menopause can be an absolute whirlwind,” she says. That’s why the clean supplement Me.No.Pause. is first in her cart. Its unique formula of safe, clinically tested ingredients like Bacognize (a Bacopa monnieri extract), the adaptogen ashwagandha, and French maritime bark helps with the symptoms Dominique finds to be the toughest when it comes to this phase of life. She explains, “This hormone-free supplement is such a relief…from hot flashes to mood swings.”


Supplements to help vaginal dryness and libido 

2. Daily V Soothe

“I know we ladies sometimes have issues down there,” says Dominique. “If vaginal dryness is an issue, then check out Womaness.” When it comes to a vaginal moisturizer, she recommends Daily V Soothe, the water-based solution by Womaness. 

“If you’re feeling dry down there, you’re not alone, she explains. This water-based moisturizer can relieve dryness and discomfort.”


Daily V Soothe moisturizer for vaginal dryness

3. Let's Neck

This cult favorite has been on Dominique's radar from the beginning, appearing in several features on her YouTube channel. “Let's Neck is a wonderful product for the neck area…it helps with the skin’s appearance. I really, really think it’s effective,” says Dominique. “It is easy to use. It hydrates. It lifts. It smoothes. The roller applicator is a great massager and cooler. Then after you’ve applied, you basically take your hands and rub in an upward motion until it is fully absorbed.

She also appreciates that Let's Neck is made clean for women in midlife. What’s nice about Womaness products is that they are vegan, with no estrogen, hormones, or parabens. They are free from sulfates, artificial colors, mineral oils, soy... talk about a clean bill, she explains. I love that because it really helps with the dreaded crepiness we get in the neck and chest area!



4. Fountain of Glow

If you've had sun damage from over the years (who hasn't?), Dominique recommends vitamin C from Fountain of GlowUnlike a lot of vitamin C serums that are orange, can discolor, and also smell, this one does not. Fountain of Glow is a clear facial serum. It's got 8% of vitamin C and squalene.

She also likes that the application is simple. You just take the dropper, put in about five drops [into your hands], and then you will rub all over your face. The benefits of vitamin C are [helping] hyperpigmentation and discoloration from sun damage over the years. So vitamin C is always something that I use in the morning.

Most of all, Dominique is a fan of this luxe serum's affordability. “Price-point-wise, it’s on the lower side!” 



5. Coco Bliss

When it comes to intimacy, Dominique keeps it real. Look, we cannot ignore our private spot. And let's face it: when we get older, we get drier down there, she explains. And I want to make sure if I'm going to use any type of moisturizing, hydrating product, that it is clean and free of everything. It's not going to irritate, it's going to be naturally based, and it's going to do the job, which is to help moisturize...the girly spot!

Those are just some of the reasons she turns to Coco Bliss. For that, I can't even begin to tell you how amazing Coco Bliss is [for] the genital area. It obviously has coconut oil. It also has jojoba esters. It’s all natural and all you do is literally take a pea-size drop for that area—that's it. It's just for if you experience dryness in general or could be used to prep for intimacy, so it's safe for that. It smells like coconuts. Added bonus? It is great for dry elbows and hands, she explains.


Coco Bliss lube for women over 40 



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