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Menopause comes with a host of symptoms. Some are expected…and some are not (low libido, vaginal dryness, and little leaks after a sneeze, we’re looking at you). That’s why Womaness created a collection of feminine care and sexual wellness products that target the surprising issues this stage of life can bring.  

When it comes to your sexual health in menopause, our solutions for sexual wellness can help. If you’re on the lookout for libido lifters, start with the Womaness Sexual Wellness Kit—smart, sensual ways to reignite your sex life—or reach for Me.No.Pause, our powerhouse, hormone-free menopause supplement featuring ingredients like Pycnogenol®, a maritime pine bark extract from France that promotes healthy blood circulation to help manage loss of libido. And if you want to boost your libido almost instantly, choose our Gold Vibes silicone vibrator, an easy, exhilarating way to enjoy the pleasure you still deserve. To up the fun, you can slick your Vibe with Daily V Soothe, our water-based personal vaginal moisturizer—a menopause sexual health must-have for any woman experiencing vaginal dryness.

Less concerned with sexual health in menopause and need feminine care for little leaks instead? Our Go Go Liners will give you the light bladder leak protection you need. If you’re experiencing some, ahem, uncomfortable leakage from everyday activity (spin class, lifting heavy bags, or a much-needed laugh), these ultra-thin yet highly-absorbent liners are the feminine care you want for comfortable and dry life-proof protection. And to keep everything feeling fresh, our Here. There. Everywhere. body wipes will do the trick. The all-natural and biodegradable feminine care solution gently soothes anyplace that needs cleansing, gets too hot, or just needs refreshing (from head to toe—and, yup, nether regions, too).

Need a starting place on feminine care or your menopause sexual health? Look for the selection of solutions in our Bestsellers Kit, our Supplements Kit, and bundles featuring Go Go Liners and Here. There. Everywhere. body wipes.