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My Menopause Routine:
Dominique Sachse

The author and YouTuber shares the 7-step protocol that brings her relief.

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Dominique Sachse menopause routine

Ever wonder exactly what some of your favorite women are using to make it through menopause? (We do, no shocker there!) Author, YouTuber, and former news anchor Dominique Sachse recently dished on her own protocol—seven solutions prescribed by her menopause doctor that range from hormone therapy to natural supplements that help her take on her personal symptoms. Here's a look at what's working for her.


Dominique's 7-Step Menopause Routine


1. "First of all, let me talk about the estrogen. I take the Estradiol Transdermal Patch at 0.075 mg. You place it twice a week right on your hip."


2. "I balance that with progesterone, which I take at nighttime. I take 200 mg, which really helps me to relax and sleep."


3. "I supplement that with a natural sleep aid with melatonin, valerian root, and L-tryptophan."


4. "In my late 30s, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, so compounded T3 and T4 has been part of the protocol for a long time."


"Seeking relief is okay, suffering is not."

– Dominique Sachse


5. "For those who can’t be on HRT for any reason, a company I love is Womaness. They have a product called Me.No.Pause., and it’s a natural supplement to help you manage menopausal symptoms."  


6. "Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acid supplements. You need your omegas and healthy fats! As we go through menopause, we dry out in every area, so that’s critical. It’s also [beneficial] for heart function and bone support."


7. "Homocysteine Supreme, which is critical for cardiovascular health as well as cognitive function. Because as we age, we want to keep our brains intact…but we also need to protect our hearts. Let’s not forget: heart disease is still the number-one killer of women."




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