Menopause Support Supplements

Clinically proven ingredients for real results

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Because you won’t let changing hormones slow you down, we thoughtfully selected ingredients for our collection of menopause support supplements using the strictest standards: each needed to be safe, naturally effective, and approved by doctors and clinical research. The result is powerful, hormone-free relief via natural supplements for menopause that target its whirlwind of symptoms—physical and mental—and give you the support you need.

If you’re looking for natural supplements for menopause and relief from tough symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats; vaginal dryness; memory, focus, and calm; sex drive, and more, our all-natural, hormone-free Me.No.Pause. is your first stop. Its supercharged formulation includes premium ingredients like Pycnogenol®, a maritime pine bark extract from France that supports healthy blood circulation to help manage hot flashes and night sweats, insomnia, and loss of libido—without impacting your hormone levels. In these menopause relief supplements, you’ll also find Bacognize®, an essential Ayurveda adaptogen that supports cognitive health, memory, and focus, and Ashwagandha, a powerfully soothing plant extract used in Ayurvedic healing to help your mind and body better respond to stress to promote mental focus, a positive mood, and more restful sleep.

Active Glow, menopause support supplements formulated to help you look and feel better inside and out, takes on the all-over changes that come with menopause, from dry skin and collagen loss, to thinning hair and brittle nails, to joint aches and flexibility. In addition to beauty-boosting biotin and hyaluronic acid, ingredients in these natural supplements for menopause include a clinical dose of Longvida® to support joint and cognitive health, as well as Pomella® for skin and gut health and its potent antioxidant abilities. 

Our menopause support supplements are your first line of defense when it comes to this stage of life…and you can save 10% when you buy them together in with our Womaness Supplements Kit now.