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Kym Douglas

Kym Douglas is a comedienne, TV host, author, lifestyle expert, and pro-aging leader. After battling breast cancer, she’s been dedicated to helping women live more inspired lives, while igniting change in the beauty industry with a mission to bring safe, clean beauty to all.

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Womaness Woman: Kym Douglas

"What Do You Use for Thinning Hair?"


Dr. Ekta Kapoor

Dr. Ekta Kapoor is an endocrinologist at Mayo Clinic and a specialist in menopause and women’s sexual health. Her mission is to inform and empower women of every age to learn and prepare for menopause as early as they can.

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Truth About Menopause's Biggest Myths

The Lowdown on HRT

Dr. Shelby Harris

Dr. Shelby Harris specializes in Cognitive Behavior Therapy for anxiety and depression. She is board certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and treats sleep disorders using evidence-based non-pharmacological treatments.

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Sleeplessness in Menopause: What to Know

"Why Can't I Fall Asleep or Stay Asleep?"


Dr. Emily Morse

Doctor of Human Sexuality Emily Morse is on a mission to liberate the conversation about sex and pleasure. She’s a bestselling author, pioneering MasterClass Instructor, SiriusXM radio host and exec producer, and host of iTunes’ #1 Sexuality podcast Sex With Emily.

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Womaness Woman: Dr. Emily Morse
“What Type of Lubricant Should I Use?”


Kim Schlag

Kim Schlag is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who helps women over 40 age stronger, improve their body composition, and heal their relationship with food and their bodies through her eight-week course Fitter After 40.

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How to Start Exercising

3 Lower Body Exercises to Know