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Style and Beauty Secrets for Women Over 50

Get insider tips (straight from the pros!) on modern style, beauty, nutrition, and skincare.

By Womaness Editors    5-Minute Read

Rediscover Your Style After 50Who doesn't need a little update every once in a while? We recently partnered with In the Groove for a sweeps to award one woman with a modern makeover. And yeah, there can only be one winner...but we still snooped around behind the scenes to gather expert tips for you from the stylist, makeup artist, nutritionist, and skincare guru who gave Punita (above center)—a 61-year-old breast cancer survivor from Los Angeles—a gorgeous upgrade to her everyday style, beauty, and wellness routine. 

“When we turn 50 lots of things change in our lives," explains Susan Feldman, founder of In the Groove. "So think of this as an opportunity to take a moment or two and update your look and even some of your daily habits. Change can be hard but the results are usually very positive.”

Here's a look at what we learned.


Style for Women in Midlife


Tips from Bree Jacoby, CEO & Founder of BREE personal styling service


Essentials and basic pieces are a must. They always look timeless, chic, and put together. This includes a black or white blazer; off-white blouse; basic tees in black and white (remember to switch these out every 4 – 6 months; our favorite t-shirt is an ATM tee), and a black sweater (avoid oversized!).

Invest in power accessories. Think nice watch, a great pair of neutral pumps, a chic belt, and a bag to power it all. And small, timeless, delicate jewelry can elevate even the simplest tee and denim outfit! 

Choose the right denim. Let’s talk about denim! Go for mid- to high-rise jeans in darker washes for a polished look. And be sure to edit out those low-rise jeans…they have got to go.

Find your fit. The secret to it all? Get fitted for a bra. It should always be your starting point. 



Tips from Nikki La Rose, Celebrity Makeup Artist


Less is more. You don’t want to layer on too much makeup. Make sure to moisturize and prep your skin and then highlight the positive. A little creme blush, mascara, and lip gloss or lipstick will go a long way

Think creamy. Stay away from powder makeup and try to use cream-based products.

Figure out your foundation. In the spirit of less is more, you don’t need to use foundation all over. Instead, focus on evening out your skin tone and covering up redness. You can use a foundation stick or a bb cream that helps even out redness. 


Makeup tips for women in midlife


Tips from Michelle Jacobs, Womaness Co-Founder & Product Formulator


Rethink your routine. What you used in your younger years might not be right for you now. Look into science-backed ingredients that better pamper the thinner, more sensitive skin that comes with this age. Some of my favorites? Vitamin C (the champion of menopausal skin), advanced hyaluronic acid for hydration, and gentle retinol or its natural alternative, Bakuchiol. 

Go beyond your face. Treat your skin all over, not just your complexion. If you've got sagging skin on your neck and décolletéor if you suffer from tech neck—this cult-favorite neck serum can take care of it. And get those good ingredients head to toe, too...I love this body cream made with luxe ingredients usually reserved for facial creams. Apply it on while your skin is a little damp to lock in more moisture.

SPF is your BFF. We speak to a lot of doctors while formulating our original skincare products and they all bring up one thing: SPF during the day, especially for your face. Now is not the time to skimp! And don't forget: SPF is great for your hands, too. 


We recommend Let's Neck to tighten and smooth your neck and décolleté.



Tips from Elissa Goodman, Nutritionist

Rehydration is key. Make sure to drink 16 oz. of water when you wake up to rehydrate your body, which detoxes throughout the night. Try to drink at least 9 cups of water a day to stay properly hydrated. I like to add Ultima Replenisher Hydrating Powder in my water to keep me energized and mentally alert.

Know your numbers at the dinner table. Eat 80% plant-based and 20% clean animal protein.

Manage stress. I recommend meditation, breath work, or yoga. 

Seek a smarter supplement. Take a high-quality multivitamin.

Sleep it off. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night! The body resets between 10PM – 2AM, which is crucial to improving cognitive function, memory, immune function, and better mental health.


Skincare tips for women over 50

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