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Changing hormones bring several surprises during menopause, including declines in memory and attention, lower energy, and mood swings that seem to come straight out of the blue. For menopause mood swing relief and to help with memory (or menopause “brain fog”), we formulated Me.No.Pause., a doctor-approved dietary supplement that takes on menopause’s toughest symptoms using all-natural, hormone-free ingredients. That includes Bacognize®, an essential Ayurveda adaptogen that supports cognitive health, memory, and focus. In fact, clinical studies proved that Bacognize® significantly increased attention and working memory, immediate recall and language comprehension, retention, alertness, and emotional well-being. As a menopause energy booster and for additional menopause mood swing relief, we’ve also included ashwagandha, a powerful adaptogen used for centuries in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to help your mind and body better respond to stress to promote mental focus, a positive mood, libido, and more restful sleep (making it smart for menopause fatigue relief, too). 

Featuring the ingredient Longvida®, our dietary supplement Active Glow—formulated to help you look and feel better, inside and out—is also a natural mood enhancer for menopause. A unique patented and optimized curcumin® extract, Longvida® not only supports joint health and a healthy inflammatory response, but also mental wellbeing, which helps with menopause brain fog and the menopause mood swing relief you need.

And our favorite of all natural mood enhancers for menopause? Gold Vibes, our powerful silicone vibrator (and menopause energy booster!). Small but mighty, it is an easy, exhilarating way to feel like your sensual self again. If it’s not the best way to find menopause mood swing relief, we don’t know what is…

Make it easy to get started on our menopause energy boosters: try our supplements kit, sexual wellness kit, or starter kit