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7 Genius Beauty Hacks We Can’t Get Enough Of

Edited especially for women 45+.

By Womaness Editors   2-Minute Read

Beauty Hacks for Women 50+

Easy tricks and tips that simplify your everyday beauty routine? Um, yes please. We hope you'll love some of these hacks we've learned from our community as much as we do. And P.S. if you've got beauty secrets of your own, please spill! Our private Facebook group The After Party is all ears.


1. Yes, you CAN rescue drying mascara. "Fact: every mascara formula goes a bit gunky after a month. When my mascara gets thick, I add two drops of saline solution to the tube and gently swirl the wand. Miracle!" – Journalist & Womaness Woman Monica Corcoran Harel


2. Body cream loves bronzer. Steal a trick from our beauty expert and Chief Menopositivity Officer Kym Douglas: add a touch of bronzer to The Works body lotion for skin that looks dewy and extra glow-y.


3. The fridge is your friend. "I run hot, so my hack for eye cream and face cream is to stick them in the fridge. That cooling sensation on my face is like a great big hug every morning. It is so refreshing." – Fearlessly Facing Fifty podcast host & Womaness Woman Amy Schmidt (P.S. This trick works well with Let's Neck, too!)


"Victoria Beckham’s trick for shinier hair is the easiest thing ever..."


4. Multitaskers make the world go ‘round. “Here’s a little secret behind our Coco Bliss vaginal & all-over moisturizer. It’s great for dry cuticles AND it’s a smart chafing solution (just be careful with it around your clothes).” – Co-Founder & Product Developer Michelle Jacobs


5. Psst: Your foundation doesn’t need to be full on. “In midlife, you don’t need to use foundation all over. Instead, focus on evening out your skin tone and covering up redness. You can use a foundation stick or a bb cream that helps even out redness.” – Celebrity makeup artist Nikki La Rose


6. Let eye cream work overtime. “Use an eye cream like Eye Opener right before applying your foundation/concealer… then you can roll a touch under your eyes after makeup to keep the eye area moist and pliable." – Celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman


7. Victoria Beckham’s trick for shinier hair is the easiest thing ever. “A little tip I learned a long time ago was from Victoria Beckham, who told me this when our kids were in sixth grade at the same school in Los Angeles. She said that, after being in the shower and lathering up with her shampoo, she always rinses with a very cold rinse. And I do think that seals everything and makes it shinier!" – Beauty expert & Chief Menopositivity Officer Kym Douglas


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