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Womaness Woman: Amy Schmidt

How this confidence coach stays fearless

By Womaness Editors     2-Minute Read

Womaness Woman: Amy SchmidtAmy Schmidt knows a thing or two about aging boldly—she started an entire movement around it! Her podcast Fearlessly Facing Fifty, TEDx talks, book, and more, inspire women to cannonball with confidence at any age. If you've ever thought you were too old or it was too late, just spend a few moments with Amy and she'll be happy to inspire you to think otherwise. Here’s how she keeps her head in the game day in and day out. 


"'Get up—get dressed—get going' are my six power words, and I work hard to do that every day."


First thing I do each morning 

"I say, 'thank you for another day,' then I head to a quiet kitchen to heat up some water with lemon and take in the quiet. I work out three days a week at 6:00 am, so that gets me moving—but before I start every day, I focus on a word for the day. Some days it's peace. At times it is joy, or maybe patience. Resetting my mindset kicks off my day with clarity and focus."


Three things I always keep in/on my nightstand  

"My bifocal glasses—yes—it's that time of my life when I need them to read. And of course, the second thing is a book that I'm digging into. And the third thing is Let's Neck from Womaness. Not kidding. I smooth it on every night before bed, and it's been a game-changer."


My go-to beauty hack or wellness ritual 

"I run hot, so my hack for eye cream and face cream is to stick them in the fridge. That cooling sensation on my face is like a great big hug every morning. It is so refreshing."


My inner age (the age I really feel) and why

"I'm 52 going on 30-something. My inner age is based on the decisions I make every day around my health and wellness. Since launching Fearlessly Facing Fifty, I've been introduced to experts and thought leaders sharing their wisdom around aging boldly. My mission is around cannonballing with confidence at any age. To do that, I incorporate healthy habits into daily life that align with my inner age of feeling in my 30s. 'Get up—get dressed—get going' are my six power words, and I work hard to do that every day. I keep moving and surround myself with people that cheer me on and keep me on track. I hope to age gracefully but have a lot of fun along the way."


Advice I would give to my younger self

"I love this question because it's the question I ask every guest at the end of my podcast. I would simply go over to my younger self and give her a big, tight hug, hold her close, tell her I love her, and that everything always works out. Even after the most trying and challenging times, the sun comes up the next day."


We don’t believe in “The Pause.” Tell us, what are you not pausing on? 

"I will not pause on healthy eating and moving my body every day. I won't pause on doing my best to get enough sleep and engage my brain. I also refuse to push pause on staying socially connected with friends and always be part of a community of people that encourage and challenge me in new ways. I'll always be a work in progress and evolve no matter my age."


Word that best describes your Womaness



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