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Behind Marlee Matlin's Radiant Red Carpet Skin

Here's exactly how celeb makeup artist Brett Freedman styled the CODA star for the SAG awards

By Womaness Editors     3-Minute Read

Marlee Matlin at the SAG Awards

To say we're fans of Marlee Matlin would be a colossal understatement. She was not only the first-ever deaf actress to win an Oscar (and the youngest to win in the Best Actress category), she's made it her mission to ensure she wouldn't be the last deaf actor to do so. And if the SAG awards are any indication, she definitely won't be. The predominantly deaf cast of CODA—the coming-of-age drama about a hearing girl in a deaf family—swept the SAG awards. And if we may say so, so did Marlee's stunning red carpet look! We sat down with her SAG awards makeup artist Brett Freedman to hear how he enhanced her natural beauty for her radiant red carpet look. At 56, she's absolutely stunning. Want to steal her secrets? Read on. 

Here's the skinny from Brett on her SAG Awards glam prep: 

"Since Marlee's Lafayette 148 NY custom gown was strapless (meaning a LOT of décolleté), I knew I had to bring in the big guns. Enter: Womaness!" 


"I knew I had to bring in the big guns. Enter: Womaness!" 


1. Start with skin all over

"After she showered, I had Marlee slather The Works Smoothing Body Cream from head to toe. My tip was to apply while the skin was a little damp to lock in every bit of moisture. The hydrating and firming cream is the perfect start to the glam games!"

2. Pamper the neck and shoulders

"To ward off crepey skin and keep everything high and tight, Marlee applied Let's Neck Serum the evening before and the morning of the award show. The fab roller applicator cools and massages gently. When we started glam, I applied a thin layer of Let's Neck...and before the tightening solution set, I swirled the Charlotte Tilbury foundation I used on her face. The mixture created a tinted moisturizer vibe that gave a veil of perfection. Once set, I dusted a champagne shimmer powder to make her neck, chest, and shoulders red carpet ready!" 

Marlee Matlin and Womaness Let's Neck

3. Pay extra attention to the eyes

"I'm all about an eye cream! The eye area is notorious for makeup that settles into lines. It's all about the prep. Before I tweezed brows, I applied Eye Opener Smoothing and Brightening Cream. I let it set, then added a touch more right before the foundation/concealer. I like the hydrator and makeup to 'marry' a little. Oh, and my pro tip: I roll a touch under eyes after makeup to keep the eye area moist and pliable." 

We're so honored that Brett relied on Womaness to prep Marlee's skin for the red carpet. Luckily, the products he used are not only effective for a glam look, but they keep your skin firm, glowing, and ready for every day, too. Thanks, Brett, for the inspiration!

Photos courtesy Brett Freedman

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