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'Tis the Season of Giving

Our co-founders on what gifting (really) means to them.

By Sally Mueller & Michelle Jacobs     2-Minute Read
Sally Mueller & Michelle Jacobs of Womaness

Now that your turkey leftovers are pretttttty much good and gone, you-know-what is back.

It’s officially gifting go-time.

So tell us: What’s your holiday gift-wrapping style these days

  • "The paper, bows, and tags are all themed and crafted completely by hand"

  • "Recycled paper from last year or thrown in a gift bag with some tissue paper, if there's time"

  • "Oh puh-leeze, I have the store wrap it for me"

  • Or maybe: "E-gift cards or bust!"

(For the record, we'd also take "I don't do gifts," "Holidays are for suckers," or a "Just hand me some eggnog and wake me when it's over"...all absolutely legit.)

We know you're steeped in giving right now (and that includes all the time, energy, and focus you're placing on others, by the way); we're both there with you. At the same time, we’re reminding ourselves what giving really means to us here at Womaness, especially during this time of year.

Truth is, we started this company to give back. We felt a real need to modernize the conversation about menopause. And for us, it came down to one word: “menopositivity,” a radiant outlook that faces menopause’s changes with optimism, joy, and wisdom. 

We aim to gift you that sense of menopositivity. And that can come in different forms: whether it’s emphasizing how fierce you still are, giving you a space to connect with other women and feel less alone, or pledging $25K to the Mayo Clinic to help doctors better empower you in menopause.

And those holiday gifts for your girlfriends? Yeah, it’s about that, too. But we’re hoping to make it easier with affordable prices (always!) as well as a freebie: a full-size Fountain of Glow vitamin C serum when you spend $70 with us this week. 

We hope it makes you feel extra glow-y during a time when you're giving so much to everyone else, wrapped in your own unique way.

Wishing you lots of happiness this season from all of us on Team Womaness.

Yours in menopositivity,

Sally & Michelle, Womaness Co-Founders