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Womaness Woman: Michelle Jacobs

Our co-founder and COO dishes on how she is fearlessly facing menopause

By Womaness Editors     2-Minute Read

Together with friend and confidante Sally Mueller, Womaness co-founder and COO Michelle Jacobs envisioned a world where 50 million women entering menopause had a place to go for education, inspiration, and real solutions. With a background in strategic development and brand building, Michelle worked for iconic brands like Polo Ralph Lauren and Lancôme before transitioning to to the publishing world where launched and developed retail business for Real Simple, Cooking Light and InStyle magazines with retail partners like Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Crate & Barrel. She then handled the Joy Manganao brand (yes, that Joy Mangano) who introduced the world to the Miracle Mop and Huggable Hangers. Many years and many brands later, with Michelle now in her late 40s, the entrepreneurial urge hit, and she knew it was time to establish a business of her own. In between new product testing and Zoom calls, we asked Michelle to tell us a bit more about what gets her through the day and night.  

Name & Occupation:

Michelle Jacobs, Co-Founder/COO, Womaness

First thing I do each morning
“Brush teeth, weigh myself (self torture), and then COFFEE!”

Three things I always keep in my nightstand 

Let Me Sleep, glass of water, reading glasses.”

My go-to beauty hack or wellness ritual

“I think I am addicted to Aquaphor lip balm and The Works body cream—of course.”

My inner age (the age I really feel) and why 

“27! My most fun years - just started to achieve in my career and finally felt like a grown up. I feel like I can jump back into that life instantaneously.”


Words that best describe my Womaness: Fierceness and happiness.”


Advice I would give to my younger self

“Relax. I was so worried about everything. Work, life, boyfriends, marriage... what was next. I didn't take enough time to appreciate friends, family, traveling, and the moment.”

We don’t believe in the pause. Tell us, what are you not pausing on? 


What word best describes my Womaness

“Fierceness and happiness.”


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