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Womaness Woman: Angela Paul

Meet the supermodel who knows that beauty is more than skin deep 

By Womaness Editors     3-Minute Read
Angela Paul

Angela Paul shows us that women can have it all. The first thing you’ll notice is her striking beauty, but she is that and so much more. After winning Miss Teen United Kingdom, she worked as a professional model for many years. She’s also a wife, mom, author, and spiritually-led woman who lives her life with intention and inspiration. Her most recent book, The Beauty of Aging, is on a topic near and dear to our hearts. We can’t wait to see what she does next! Read on for a dose of wisdom from Angela.

First thing I do each morning 

“Before I even open my eyes, I say a prayer of gratitude for the gift of a brand new day.”

Three things I always keep on my nightstand  

“Photos of loved ones, books, especially poetry, a flashlight, lip balm, and hand cream.”

My go-to beauty hack or wellness ritual 

“First thing I do in the morning after brushing my teeth is I take a cold shower, drink a glass of room temperature water, followed by a cup of hot water with lemon. I then meditate and stretch for about 30 minutes, as I’ve done for over three decades. If I’m at home for the day, I wash my face and apply moisturizer/serums, etc. I meditate every day. My meditation practice and sleep are my most essential beauty and health aids. When I’m fully rested, my face shows it and I have more energy. We can and should do all the outside maintenance, but it’s really focusing on inner wellness that keeps us looking and feeling healthy and youthful.” 


“We can and should do all the outside maintenance, but it’s really focusing on inner wellness that keeps us looking and feeling healthy and youthful.”


My inner age (the age I really feel) and why

“Sometimes I feel like I’m 35, other times I feel ancient. But mostly, I’d say I feel 50, as that’s the age when I began a new chapter and felt the most empowered and in love with the woman I was becoming every day. Mostly I don’t focus on a calendar number; I just live as well and fully at every stage of my life.”

Advice I would give to my younger self

“Stay the course and go for your dreams. Trust in your inner wise woman voice and all will be well. You will succeed, and each chapter of your life will keep on getting better. Risk, love deep, but never give up yourself for another. And always love yourself first.”

We don’t believe in “The Pause.” Tell us, what are you not pausing on? 

“I’ve never been in a ‘pause’ though I do believe in taking rests, but that just allows me more energy to move into action when I’m ready. Even when I had to slow down when I was pregnant and had a newborn baby, I saw it as another chapter to learn and grow and, of course, to create. As I’ve aged, I find that I’m simultaneously excited and curious about life and what comes next, and I’m also at ease with slowing down in some areas. I’m always open and receptive to new experiences, but I’m also very grateful for the full, rich, and blessed life I’ve been privileged to already had.”

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