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"This is what we believe"

Our co-founders on what we stand for.

By Sally Mueller & Michelle Jacobs     1-Minute Read

A note from Womaness co-foundersThere’s a lot going on in the world right now. We’re all dealing with some really heavy things.

We’re being tested as a society and we’re saddened to see our country divided on so many issues. We know you’re feeling it, too. 

Our brand is about unifying women and lifting each other up. And as we reflect on who we are—especially in the past week—we are sharing what we stand for, particularly as a women’s wellness company.

At Womaness, we believe every woman deserves the right to: modern, innovative products; essential, reliable information; and accessibility to the resources, care, medical treatments, and products she needs as she navigates her changing body, no matter the life stage.

Because when a woman is empowered to make informed decisions for her own health and beauty, she can best live her chosen life. 


Yours in strength and solidarity, 

Sally & Michelle, Co-Founders 


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