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Womaness Woman:
Jacquette M. Timmons

This financial behaviorist knows how to thrive
(and will inspire you to, too)

By Womaness Editors     2-Minute Read

Jacquette M. Timmons Womaness Woman

Jacquette M. Timmons isn’t afraid to talk about money at the dinner table. That’s because she knows that money is a relational topic as much as a practical one. Want to know how to have a healthier relationship with your significant other around money? She can help. Are you an entrepreneur or business owner tackling the ever-constant question, “What should I charge for this?” Jacquette answers money questions from all sides: the financial, the emotional, and the personal to set up her clients for a thriving life. She knows that money and emotions are connected—and she’s helping to change the game for her clients because of it. We love game-changing, conversation-starting women, so we grabbed some time with Jacquette to chat about something even more personal than money: menopause. 


"I'm 56, and I feel like I've just found my groove!" 


First thing I do each morning 

"It depends. Some mornings I meditate then exercise; others, I exercise and then meditate."

Three things I always keep in/on my nightstand  

"My phone, the latest book I'm reading, and my water bottle."

My go-to beauty hack or wellness ritual 

"Hmm...does exercising, drinking lots of water, and using Ponds Cold Cream and a facial brush count as beauty hacks and wellness rituals? If so, then these for sure—along with staying in a state of gratitude and joy even when things are challenging."

My inner age (the age I really feel) and why

"I have no idea what my inner age is. I'm 56, and I feel like I've just found my groove!" 

Advice I would give to my younger self

"Be kinder to yourself and more forgiving of your mistakes and missteps."

We don’t believe in “The Pause.” Tell us, what are you not pausing on? 

"I won't pause on protecting my time and capacity."

Word that best describes your Womaness



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