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In Her Cart: Sex Therapist Dr. Emily Morse

Get a peek at the hottest get-your-groove-back solutions selected by our resident sex expert.

By Dr. Emily Morse   3-Minute Read

Emily Morse favorite sex products

Looking to make sex even better after age 50? Turn to advice from Doctor of Human Sexuality and Womaness Expert Emily Morse. The bestselling author and host of iTunes’ #1 Sexuality podcast Sex With Emily is here to break taboos when it comes to women's sexuality. “PSA: menopause isn’t the end of sex (or sexiness)," she explains. It’s a natural change, and woman-owned Womaness offers supplements, sex toys, and topicals that make this life stage not only fun…but pretty hot, too.” Here are the top four products she recommends over and over.


PSA: menopause isn’t the end of sex (or sexiness)


1. Coco Bliss

Womaness makes [a lube] that I can’t stop talking about these days: Coco Bliss, which not only gives you a sexy slip, but doubles as a sensual massage lotion," says Emily. That’s because it’s got coconut oil as a base, making it a rather beachy choice to soothe dry skin anywhere. When you’re ready to get down, simply apply to your genitals the exact same way you’d do as a lube – and enjoy how amazing you smell in the process.

She also likes the fact that the coconut oil in Coco Bliss has antifungal and antibacterial properties to help keep your vagina healthy. That makes it an excellent choice for pH and microbial balance, keeping your vagina happy in more ways than one, she explains.


Coco Bliss lube for women over 40 

2. Gold Vibes

For women who are aging, Emily recommends a vibrator for low libido or if orgasms feel, well, less than orgasmic. If you’ve got a vulva and your orgasms are feeling lackluster, try training them," she says.  A cute bullet vibe, like the high-powered Gold Vibes from Womaness, is perfect for you and this life stage. Its size is travel-friendly, it almost looks like a tube of lipstick, and it’s guaranteed to light up thousands of nerve endings in your clitoris. 

The vibe even has a bonus. Emily states: For extra stimulation, you can take off the protective purple sleeve and just use the gold bullet. That is your ticket to orgasm, which contracts your pelvic floor muscles. We want to strengthen those, to keep your orgasms intense.  

And remember, she reminds us, sex begets sex." She says, The more pleasure you give yourself, the more likely you are to WANT to pursue pleasure. 

Gold Vibes bullet vibrator for vaginal dryness 

3. Me.No.Pause.

Emily believes that when it comes to trying to up your libido and get your mojo back as you age, supplementation can make a big difference.” She explains: The hormone-free Me.No.Pause. formula is made with research-backed ingredients to help with vaginal dryness, arousal response, and sleep quality—all of which can increase your chances of wanting sex.

She particular likes the ashwagandha in Me.No.Pause. The herb has been shown to improve sexual function in healthy females, she says. By stimulating nitric oxide production, ashwagandha helps increase blood flow to the genitals, improve arousal, increase your sex drive, and vaginal lubrication, boost mood, and all kinds of other lovely benefits.

Supplements to help vaginal dryness and libido 

4. Daily V Soothe

When it comes to a vaginal moisturizer, says Emily, Daily V Soothe is another great option, as it can be easily implemented into your morning routine and helps with hydrating your vaginal skin. (You hydrate your face, so why not your vulva?) It's all about feel amazing head to to. Feeling good in your body will help you feel great in the bedroom, she says. "So don’t shy away from prioritizing your sexual wellness. 

Daily V Soothe moisturizer for vaginal dryness

Doctor of Human Sexuality Emily Morse is on a mission to liberate the conversation about sex and pleasure. She’s a bestselling author, pioneering MasterClass Instructor, SiriusXM radio host and exec producer, and host of iTunes’ #1 Sexuality podcast Sex With Emily. Order her newest book Smart Sex and follow her on InstagramHighlights are from original articles on


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