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How Weight Training Changed How I Feel About My Body

5 takeaways from working out with Kim Schlag.

By Michelle Jacobs     3-Minute Read  
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My team at Womaness recently asked me why I thought we should promote Kim Schlag’s Fitter by the Day program to our Womaness community. 

I stopped. 

Thought about it.

And I literally didn't know where to begin. 

There were so many reasons. And given that weight loss, body image, and changing body shapes are some of the top subjects discussed within our community, I couldn't think of a better program to introduce to you.

But there was definitely more to the story. 

I have written about this before. I am 5’4" and about ahem-ahem pounds. And no, I won’t commit to a number because to be honest, every day (in my head) is the first day when I will lose the 10, 15, 20 pounds I have gained in the last 20 years.

I have been a runner, a Pilates fanatic, a Soul Cycle devotee, etc., etc. But as I've gotten older, everything is just harder. My knees hurt when I run, and no matter how hard I push and push and push, I rarely saw a change in my body. 

I started to follow Kim Schlag on Instagram. I found her through two or three other fitness experts. But I stuck with Kim.


Kim Schlag and Michelle Jacobs

Everything felt realistic, honest, and straightforward. She talked about her own struggle with weight loss, but not all the time. Mostly she talked about her love of weightlifting. How good her body felt and encouragement to try it. She made the impossible look very possible.

My one advantage (maybe) is that I have always exercised in some way. I learned years ago, after my first son was born, that sweating in the morning helped me all day long. I was calmer, less stressed, and happier when I had done some form of physical activity.

But after that, lifting weights and doing new things in the gym were completely foreign. Kim, however, taught me how to think about my body differently. 

After doing her program for over a yearyes, I stuck with it! I had new muscles in new places. I felt strong. My legs and butt were rock hard and my arms and back had definition.

Kim gives lots of great nutrition tips, too. For me, some months, I am better than others. With two kids and a very hectic and stressful job, I am less successful with weight loss. But I have come so far. I am doing deadlifts, 45 pound rows, squats, and bench presses with the guys in the front of the gym. I care about my form and if I can increase my weight and ultimately my mental health. I breathe through each exercise and think about my time. These 45 minutes are MY time.

I have become incredibly grateful for my body and how it works. I am thankful every day that I can do these exercises. That my body is cooperating. I am setting myself up for a healthier older age. 


My takeaways: the top 5 things I learned from Kim Schlag:


1. I am stronger than I think.

When I started, I was using 2.5- and 5-pound weights. Kim pushed me to pick up heavier weights. I realized even at the start that my body could do a lot more than I thought. 


2. No one cares at the gym.

I used to be so self-conscious. But for the most part (especially in the morning), no one is paying attention to what I am doing. They are thinking about their day, waking up, listening to a podcast, or their favorite songs from the 80s. No one is really looking at me...and if they are, I am too entrenched in my own podcast to notice. 


3. Weight loss is about eating less. Period.

It doesn't matter if you are vegan, fasting, not eating sugar, etc., etc., etc. All of those diets work because you are eating fewer calories. You want to lose weight? Eat less. Now, if you have the willpower, that's a different story; but that is the answer and the only answer.


4. Putting muscle on your bones is one of the best ways to prepare for aging.

You need to use your body to protect your body. Stretching, lifting heavy, breathingthese are the secrets to long-term health. 

5. Walking is key.

Kim had me track my steps for months. I didn't realize that I had days when I walked only 300 steps! Now I walk between 5,000 and 10,000 a day. The movement helps me think and de-stress. 

    My biggest overall takeaway, though, is that Kim taught me to love my body. Make it strong and use it. And with that came all the gifts. So try it. It might change your life and as I said at the beginning, that kind of change is just too much to write about!


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    Program Highlights

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    3. Mindful Eating:

    Cultivating a healthier relationship with food through undistracted, enjoyable meals.


    And what it DOESN’T include?

    You’re not asked to diet.

    You’re not learning strength routines (yet!).

    You’re not asked to restrict yourself at ALL.


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