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Womaness Woman: Shannon Mann

Spend a couple minutes with the founder and face of "Oysters to Pearls."

By Womaness Editors     2-Minute Read

Shannon Mann Womaness WomanFashion, food, and fabulous living in midlife and beyond? Lifestyle blog Oysters to Pearls has it covered. "In my fourth decade of life, I feel I can impart a little pearl of wisdom in these areas,explains founder Shannon Mann. Read on to find out how this mother, wife, and breast cancer survivor makes confidence and agelessness her top priority every day. 


"Take care of yourself, wear the sunscreen, eat healthy, and exercise, but also put it in perspective. Have the cake or the wine, too."


First thing I do each morning 

"First thing I do each morning is read my morning devotional and have quiet time before anyone else is awake. Faith is first, followed by watching the sunrise. Then I answer emails and jump on social media to get out ahead of the day!"


Three things I always keep in/on my nightstand  

"I always have a large glass of water, my Kindle, and The Works All-Over Body Cream."


My go-to beauty hack or wellness ritual 

"In my morning routine, I love to mix Fountain of Glow serum by Womaness with my daily moisturizer. And at night, I mix Retin-A with Womaness' Eye Opener and Let’s Neck."


My inner age (the age I really feel) and why

"Being of Italian descent, I come from good stock and strong women who have always led by example. My grandmother and mother have always had a youthful spirit regardless of their age or circumstances. I definitely do not feel 52. I resonant with my inner child. I love to be active and surround myself with laughter. After all, happiness is key to youth!"


Advice I would give to my younger self

"Don’t sweat the small stuff! Stress less. Take care of yourself, wear the sunscreen, eat healthy, and exercise, but also put it in perspective. Have the cake or the wine, too. Everything in moderation. As cliché as it sounds, life is short so we need to embrace it!"


We don’t believe in “The Pause.” Tell us, what are you not pausing on? 

"I believe confidence is key! Menopause can take you down or cause you to rise up. Thankful for brands like Womaness who are helping women with their menopause journey, allowing us to keep our confidence and sexiness high."


Word that best describes your Womaness

"'Confidence'… a confidence that can only come with age, wisdom, and personal life experiences. These are all things that, when bundled together, make us fierce, sexy, ageless, and inspiring to others.”


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