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“Experience required”

Your look at the Womaness manifesto.

By Womaness Editors   1-Minute Read

Because life before now was just research. 

Some might call it middle age, midlife, the third act. We think it’s prime time, our time, the years when women truly shine. 

We’ve risen in the ranks, raised the kids, loved and lost and been around, proudly. We’ve held onto the good stuff and shed what doesn’t serve us.

We’re the strongest, smartest, most beautiful we’ve ever been. And we’ve earned the privilege of knowing—and being—who we are in full flavor.  

We call this stage our Womaness age, and embrace all the confidence that comes from experience. The only thing that needs to “dry up” and “disappear”? The outdated myths around aging and menopause. 

We created Womaness to celebrate and educate our present and future selves. To live fully and age well.

Partnering with doctors, we’ve created clean, innovative solutions to feel our best from the inside out. Working with health experts, we share the truth about our changing bodies, minds, and sex drives. 

We invite you to join a community of women who applaud the life you’ve lived and the woman you are today.

Welcome to Womaness. 

Experience required.


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