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We’re Here for Women’s Health

We’re pledging $25K to Mayo Clinic because we believe you—and your doctor—have a right to better menopause education.

By Sally Mueller & Michelle Jacobs     1-Minute Read
Michelle Jacobs & Sally Mueller of Womaness

At Womaness, we’re here to change the conversation around aging and menopause, from how we address it as a society, to how women share their stories, to how trusted information helps you ask better questions of your doctor.

But there’s another change needed, too: doctors becoming more empowered to have the answers for you.

Studies show there is a need for increased knowledge on menopause issues in the country’s OB-GYN residency programs. That’s why Womaness has pledged to donate $25,000 to Mayo Clinic, a national leader in research and education for women’s health, including menopause.

This gift will support efforts to deepen the medical community’s understanding of how to treat the symptoms of menopause—and is a step forward in turning our mission into real action.

Here's to aging well!

Sally Mueller & Michelle Jacobs
Womaness Co-Founders

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