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Ask a Beauty Expert: "What products do you use for thinning hair?"

Beauty guru Kym Douglas has you covered.

By Womaness Editors   1-Minute Read

Kym Douglass Womaness Beauty Expert

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Your Question:

“Women at this stage of life often suffer from thinning hair (plus many years of treating our hair!). What is your favorite product for dealing with thinning hair?”


The Answer:

From Kym Douglas, Ellen beauty expert, author, and pro-aging leader: "As many people might know, I lost all my hair [due to cancer]. It's come back in; what I have now is all mine.

I'm so happy with it, so I really try to take super good care of my hair now. What I've been using is this leave-in conditioner from OUAI. It's just so natural and I find that it is really great for protecting your hair.

I do use also supplements by Womaness called Active Glow. They're really smart for your nails and your hair.

Another little tip I learned a long time ago was from Victoria Beckham, who told me this when our kids were in sixth grade at the same school in Los Angeles. She said that, after being in the shower and lathering up with her shampoo, she always rinses with a very cold rinse. And I do think that seals everything and makes it shinier!" 

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