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"You (seriously) deserve more
in menopause"

Our co-founders on why we're all about more innovation, more info, more shelf space, and yes, more bliss

By Sally Mueller & Michelle Jacobs     2-Minute Read

You deserve more in menopause

Let’s be honest: One of the most interesting parts about being in midlife is that you've been around juuuuust long enough to see how life can come full circle.

Like, this whole 90’s vibe that’s made its way back? You know which Nirvana songs to recommend to your kids and can warn them of the lasting effects of over-plucked brows. Thanks to the trend of TV and film reboots, you can dish on the backstory of the original Karate Kid (or Queer Eye or The Wonder Years or whatever's hot right now). And you've already witnessed every "new" style of jeans now back in stores and, ahem, already know you’ll probably opt out of the upcoming low-rise revival, thank you very much.

At this point, you've been there, done that. You know a lot about what to expect. And even more important, with the wisdom that comes with the experience, you also know what you deserve.

As we enter Women’s Health Month, we’re thinking a lot about what we deserve at this phase in life, when we’re experiencing the stages of menopause, from perimenopause to post. And truth is, we keep coming back to one thought: more.

You deserve more. We all deserve more. And Womaness, here's what that means to us:


Menopause has 34 symptoms (and counting). So why should there only be a handful of products out there? You deserve modern, head-to-toe solutions that tackle all you’re going through with natural, clinically tested ingredients and indulgent applicators—at an affordable price.


Too many women still enter menopause with questions about In addition to continued research on those 34+ symptoms, we deserve doctors who receive even more education on what we're experiencing. And if we’re going to change the conversation around menopause, we have to really discuss it woman to woman—which is why we’ve created a private community where you can safely ask questions, share insight, and have fun doing it. (You can even post your most embarrassing photos from back in the dayeverything's on the table.) 


Our goal is to make menopause solutions available for all women, everywhere. And for us, that accessibility means having those solutions available not only here at, but also on the shelves of the stores you love and regularly shop. Womaness products are now available at Target, Amazon, and GNC—and, in a history-making move for menopause solutions, we’ll soon be announcing our arrival in 700+ stores of one of your favorite beauty destinations…


We believe this can be the happiest, fiercest, sexiest time of your life…and that’s why we’re soon introducing your new favorite solution (with an ingredient you've been asking for), just in time for a summer getaway. Stay tunedthe big reveal will arrive by the end of the month.

So let this serve as your reminder for the month: you deserve more (and always have!).

And one more reminder? You really don’t have to suffer through low-rise jeans again. No one deserves that.

Yours in #menopositivity,

Sally & Michelle, Co-Founders