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Womaness Woman: Sally Mueller

Spend a few minutes with one half of our fearless
Womaness founders

By Womaness Editors    2-Minute Read

A seasoned and consummate brand builder, Sally is the woman you can thank for the incredible lineup of designer collaborations you’ve shopped at Target over the past two decades. She also brought her Midas touch to Who What Wear and Versed skincare among others. Filled with an entrepreneur spirit, Sally harnessed her personal health experience to create Womaness, providing innovative menopause solutions for all. In between meetings about new product launches and speaking to the Womaness community, we grabbed her to reveal a bit more about how she stays engaged, energized, and inspired each day. 

Name & Occupation:

Sally Mueller, Co-Founder/CEO, Womaness

First thing I do each morning 

“I’m an early bird, as I’m most productive in the morning. I usually wake up around 5:30 AM and have a double shot cappuccino alongside my fave supplement, Active Glow. I either head to a Pilates class at a fabulous studio near me called Fitness Focus or hop on the treadmill for a power walk before the Zoom call marathon begins at 8:00 AM.”

Three things I always keep in my nightstand

“My Le Labo Santal candle. (I love how I can smell it even when it's not lit.) The scent helps calm me down when I wake up at 3:00 AM. San Pellegrino water is a must and The Works body cream. It’s great to slather on my hands and legs before I go to sleep.”


“Women at this stage of life are the coolest, smartest, most interesting women we know.”

Sally Mueller


My inner age (the age I really feel) and why

“I would say 45. If I keep up with my pilates and exercise routine, I feel great physically with the energy needed to balance the demands of a new business, being a recent empty-nester, and helping my parents who are in their 80s. I've always surrounded myself with a range of women of all ages. It keeps me tuned into what’s relevant and enlightening range of perspectives.”  

Advice I would give to my younger self

“I struggled to find balance in my life especially while working in corporate positions in my 30s and starting my own business in my mid-40s. I look back and wish I would have spent more time with my two children who have turned out to be amazing adults. I give credit to my husband for always being there for them while I was working.”

What word best describes my Womaness 

“Fierceness is the best ‘ness word that describes me. I don't allow anything to stop me. If I run into a roadblock, I pivot.”


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