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Menopause Solutions
Are Now at Ulta Beauty

Womaness just became the first modern menopause brand at your favorite beauty destination

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Womaness Menopause Solutions at Ulta Beauty

The news is huge—and it's a (really) beautiful thing.

Today we're excited today to announce our new partnership with Ulta Beauty, the nation’s largest beauty retailer.

Starting now, Womaness will be available in select Ulta Beauty stores and online as part of The Wellness Shop—a curated offering of self-care and wellness products for the mind, body, and spirit. This partnership signals an important moment in retail by providing access and visibility to items that cater specifically to the needs of the 40+ woman, an often overlooked segment.

Co-founded in 2021 by Sally Mueller and Michelle Jacobs, our brand was born out of the desire to speak to and serve the 50+ million women approaching or in menopause and help them deal with common symptoms, from hot flashes and sleep issues, to light leakage and fine lines.

“Our mission from day one has been to change the conversation around menopause and the women experiencing it,” says our co-founder and COO Michelle. “We want to be the first brand women think of when they think of menopause, offering them a collection of innovative products that address the most common (and often taboo) symptoms.”

“We’re thrilled to be offering Womaness solutions to you as an Ulta Beauty guest,” continues co-founder and CEO Sally. “We’re here to make it easier for women in menopause to shop in the places they love to find the products they need to feel unstoppable. It’s a powerful moment that Ulta Beauty has recognized that women in this stage deserve to take up more space both in life and on shelves at retail.”


“It’s a powerful moment that Ulta Beauty has recognized that women in this stage deserve to take up more space both in life and on shelves at retail.”


Formulated alongside a panel of menopausal experts including gynecologists who specialize in menopause, women's health experts, and nutritionists and skincare experts who understand the ingredients that are most effective for menopausal skin, Womaness offers accessible, safe, and chic solutions in skin and body care, feminine care, sexual health, and supplements. We are happy to be cruelty free, vegan, dermatologist- and allergy-tested, and all products are formulated without animal-derived ingredients, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial colors, formaldehyde, mineral oils, estrogen, phytoestrogen, or added hormones.

“Ulta Beauty is proud to welcome Womaness to The Wellness Shop as the first modern menopause brand,” says Penny Coy, VP of Merchandising at Ulta Beauty. “As women continue to unabashedly embrace their wellness needs and reshape what aging beauty really looks like, we’re delighted to provide guests with even more offerings that will address all of their menopause concerns.”

As an Ulta Beauty guest, you can discover seven favorites from our line in select stores nationwide and, including Me.No.Pause., Let Me Sleep, Active Glow, The Works, Let’s Neck, Overnight Magic, Fountain of Glow, and our newest vaginal moisturizer, Coco Bliss, an Ulta Beauty exclusive. Each product retails for less than $40.

Here’s to making history—and getting the space you deserve in more stores you love! Find your store now.


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