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The Womaness Manifesto

Learn more about what we stand for (spoiler alert: it's all about you)

By Womaness Editors     1-Minute Read

We believe in menopositivityFive decades in, you know who you are and all that you’ve accomplished. Your life is full. And then: Hello, menopause.

Now, at some point, someone decided that menopause was a kind of ending, a regrettable chapter that women should suffer through. Privately.

Not us! We believe in the power of menopositivity: a radiant, dynamic outlook that embraces who we are today. We want to live as boldly as we always have, without menopause slowing us down one bit. We want to feel informed and comfortable about the changes our bodies are going through (yet again). And we want to connect with millions of women around us who are dealing with the very same thing.

We are Womaness, and we’re determined to change the conversation around menopause and the women experiencing it. We do that by providing you with a collection of innovative products that offer solutions from head to toe (and everything in between); educating you about menopause and how it affects your life; and offering inspiration and wisdom from other women just like you. We’re here to take the pause out of menopause, so you can be unstoppable.

Menopause, meet your match.

So, women of the world: Welcome to living joyfully, and glowing with positivity and promise.

Welcome to a community that gets you and believes in you.

Welcome to all the goodness you deserve for living the life you’ve lived, and being the woman you are.

Welcome to the After Party.