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"Screw the Taboo"

Because this Menopause Awareness Month (and beyond), you’re not pausing for menopause.

By Sally Mueller & Michelle Jacobs     2-Minute Read
Womaness cofounders Sally Mueller and Michelle Jacobs

What’s an image you grew up with that represented women in menopause? We’ll go first.
Dorothy Zbornak on The Golden Girls and Edith Bunker on All in the Family. Maxine, that cranky cartoon lady who made jokes about hot flashes on Hallmark cards. Actual ads that couldn’t have possibly been written by a person in menopause. Creepy, clinical-looking drugstore products your mom would not dare leave out on the counter when guests were over.
Here's the thing, though. Once you get to this phase, you realize something.
You’ve been fooled.
We all have. This age isn’t about short silver hair set in curlers or wearing muumuus with your friends in Miami (though we admittedly wouldn’t mind that one on occasion).
This is the age of Tracee. J.Lo. Salma. Gabrielle. Nicole. Reese. Your peers (and you!) are actually at the height of their superpowers—the coolest, smartest, sexiest, most unstoppable women in the room…and there’s no way menopause should slow any of you down.
This October—a big one for us, our second Menopause Awareness Month as the first modern, head-to-toe meno brand—we’re expressing how we feel about this time in our lives loud and proud: Screw the taboo.
And that’s because you are proof that any abyss where a woman’s sexuality, femininity, productivity, creativity, intuition, strength, attractiveness, and talent evaporate is a myth and a major misconception.


"Taboos end when you know the facts, educate and support others, and focus on the positive"


This is a normal phase of life, nothing to be embarrassed about. There are a lot of very real symptoms you can manage with the help of a few things. Modern, science-backed solutions that truly work. Prices that don’t break the bank. And real talk: from your community, from your doctors, and with yourself.

Taboos end when you know the facts, educate and support others, and focus on the positive. That’s why one of the many ways we're celebrating Menopause Awareness is to bring our expert panel directly to YOU. Join us all October long as we hit the road for our first-ever Menopositivity Tour, an event series that brings medical and meno experts with their must-know info (plus a few other juicy goodies) in person to an ULTA Beauty in a city near you. 

Come out to ask us your most pressing questions (from skin to sex, stress to sleep) so we can all take the “pause” out of menopause—whether it’s helping you better understand a symptom, discover a product that gives you much-deserved relief, or simply remove any pause you might feel when you go to talk about what you’re going through. Details are here.

We’re in this together. Because staying quiet, feeling alone, remaining uninformed, and slowing down? Screw that.
Can’t wait to see you in person!

Sally & Michelle, Womaness Co-Founders

P.S. All Menopause Awareness Month, we’re celebrating you with real stories, savings, and plenty of menopause education, so be sure to follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and our private Facebook group, the After Party.