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History in the Making

This is what Women's History Month 2023 feels like to the co-founders of an OG menopause brand.

By Sally Mueller & Michelle Jacobs     2-Minute Read

Co-founders of Womaness Modern Menopause Solutions
A few weeks ago, 200 million people witnessed a moment in women’s history.
Right before kickoff, in a space typically known for its messages about beer, car insurance, and talking chocolate candies, the first-ever Super Bowl commercial for menopause—a 30-second pharmaceutical spot—hit screens across the US.

You see it?

We did. And it got us reminiscing about one of our personal favorite creative executions—something you might have spied if you ever attended a Womaness event, often atop a welcome table or bar serving our famous Hot Flash cocktail:

Our modernizing of old-school menopause ads from the 1950s and 60s, like this one for estrogen pills:


Vintage outdated menopause ad

 Our response to this outdated, ovary-shaming atrocity? Take a look…


Rethinking vintage menopause ads

That's more like it, huh?

It's interesting to note that the aforementioned Super Bowl menopause commercial aired just 17 days before the start of Women’s History Month 2023—today, a time when we are still writing (and rewriting) women’s history in a host of ways. Some steps take us forward; some send us back toward the age of those vintage ads, when menopause mainly meant “dried-up” old ladies in buns pining for the kind of lives only their busy, successful husbands enjoyed. (And yes, we're looking at you, Don Lemon.)

Admittedly, we've got a ways to go. There is still work to be done.

In the meantime, however, we have a lot to celebrate. There's joy in knowing you are living in the first generation who can say no to the “pause” of menopause. It’s satisfying to realize you’re helping the women—the daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and friendswho will enter into this phase after you. It’s heartening to know you’re not alone, we’re in this together, and you no longer have to speak in hushed tones about a normal, natural process that half the population will experience.

Also worth celebrating, at least around here? Our company—the first menopause brand with head-to-toe solutions for women, by womenturns two years old this month. It’s a milestone we’re proud of, especially since it falls during the month when we honor women who've created change. But it's you who'll be getting the gifts: we're sending you our all-over body wipes FREE with any order over $50, all month long

We can’t wait for the day when menopause companies celebrate their 50th year, or even their 100th. We all deserve it.

Yours in menopositivity,

Sally & Michelle, Womaness Co-Founders 

P.S. Want another vintage ad rewrite? Yeah, you do. And keep an eye out on Instagram for more!

More rewriting of old menopause ads


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