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Everything You Should Be Wearing in Your 50s This Fall

A Conversation with Megan Tamte, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Evereve

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Megan Tamte CEO of Everett

As the leaves begin to turn and a new season rolls back around, the world of fashion evolves with it. In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Megan Tamte, the remarkable co-founder and co-CEO of Evereve, a brand celebrated for empowering women to keep moving forward—in their fashion and in their lives. (We’re SO in…)

With decades of experience in the industry, Megan shares her insights on dressing confidently in your 50s, debunking style misconceptions, and the timeless pieces that should be in every wardrobe this fall. Join us for this inside scoop from a woman who knows fashion like no other.


“It’s all about finding that balance of wearing what feels true to you but also keeps moving you forward in fashion.



You just turned 50—congrats! What's your secret to dressing well at this stage? How has your fashion sense evolved? 

Dressing well is about knowing who you are and standing tall in who you are—confidence trumps any trend! And the way I dress reflects who I am at 50. Relaxed by nature, I gravitate towards pieces that are functional and comfortable. I usually start with my shoes—always function over fashion, but at Evereve, I don’t need to choose! I’m confident in who I am, but still want to keep an open heart to new things—it’s all about finding that balance of wearing what feels true to you but also keeps moving you forward in fashion. 

Are there any misconceptions about style for women in their 50s you like to challenge?

Don’t fixate on what you can or can’t wear. At Evereve, we don’t think you’re too young or too old to wear something, rather we find the best expressions of trends that fit, flatter, and make women feel great trying something new.


biker chic trend for fall 2023
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What are some wardrobe essentials every woman in her 50s should own? 

I lean into the versatility of denim. I think it’s important to have at least one great pair with an incredible fit and one pair that is easy to move in, plus a denim jacket and shirt. 

Heading into fall, I am loving a great biker jacket that you can throw on with everything for an easy rocker vibe. A striped top is great under blazers and jackets and layered jewelry really gives a look a finished, styled touch. And for shoes, I’m investing in a great pair of preppy loafers.

A lot of women's bodies change in their 50s or when they go through menopause. What do you recommend to flatter your body type and feel confident in your skin?

I look for a silhouettes to create a bit more curve and shape at the hip and waist and always balance proportions—a more relaxed pant looks great with a fitted top. 

Let’s talk fall. What's your go-to outfit this season?

I’m super excited about the "Modern Prep" trend for fall. Classic silhouettes are back, but with a slight ‘70s influence—super fun. I’ll be wearing wide-leg and trouser denim silhouettes, styled with sweater vests, stripes, and loafers. I love a chunkier soled shoe, so the lug sole is another winner for me.


modern prep trend for fall 23 women 50 and up

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Are there any fall-fashion classics women in their 50s ALWAYS buy on 

Denim is always a top seller for us. We curate for fit, and we know what a 50-year-old woman wants and how it will complement her body. And tops! From easy tanks to night-out blouses, our selection really speaks to our customer season after season. 

Can you share a sneak peek into what Evereve has in store for winter? What trends do you see coming that you're excited about?

I am so excited about a trend we’re calling "Luxe Leisure." It’s all your favorite cold-weather pieces—plush sweaters, cozy sweatshirts—but done in super-soft fabrics and neutral colors for easy mixing and matching or styling with denim. It’s elevated with fun touches of glam like shearling. Styled back to UGGs, it’s the trend I’ll be leaning into to feel pulled together on the weekends and during holiday travel.

You're the co-founder and co-CEO of Evereve, which launched in 2004. What have you learned growing this business and what advice can you share?

The key to success is knowing who you are, standing tall in who you are, keeping an open heart and a mindset of growth, and surrounding yourself with great people who want to learn and grow, too. The key to success in business is knowing who your customer is and delivering to her what she wants and what she doesn’t know she wants.



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