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Womaness Woman: Jen Marples

She’s here to remind you “you’re not too f***ing old.”

By Womaness Editors     2-Minute Read

Jen Marples Womaness Woman

Meet Jen Marples, a fierce advocate for midlife women and a passionate cheerleader for women everywhere. As an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, podcast host, coach, and leader in the midlife women's empowerment movement, she tirelessly champions the belief that age should never limit our dreams.

When she's not making a difference in the lives of others, you'll find Jen sweating it up (in a good way) in a hot yoga class or simply enjoying the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area alongside her husband and three teens. Join us as we dive into Jen's world and discover the boundless possibilities that await in life's second and best half.

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First thing I do each morning 

I hydrate, then drink all the coffee, sit in silence in my home office, read, journal, center myself THEN I enter the world. Most days it also starts with hot yoga to get everything aligned to start my day. I enter the world on my terms, not the other way around.”


Three things I always keep on my nightstand  

“I'm going to cheat, as there are more than three things! Water, a stack of books, sleep helpers like magnesium, functional mushrooms, and CBD (sleep is the new midlife life hack!), chocolate (a girl's gotta live!), and a Himalayan salt lamp.


My go-to beauty hack or wellness ritual 

“Hot yoga and drinking tons of water! I swear hot yoga is like getting a facial every day, and I'm constantly detoxing by doing all the poses in a heated room. Then there's the mental clarity and physical benefits. Yoga is life!” 



“I'm on a mission to empower over one million women, so they do NOT PAUSE and instead have them realize this is the time to TURN IT UP!”



My inner age (the age I really feel) and why

I feel 30 (I'm 53) from a purely energetic perspective. I have more energy and passion now for things than I did when I was younger. However, Chip Conley of Modern Elder Academy once wrote, "I am every age I've ever been." I just love this! When I'm working, I'm 53. When I'm rocking out to Pearl Jam with my teen son, I'm 21. When I'm in yoga, I'm 32. When I'm visiting my parents, I'm 16. When I'm at a concert with my husband, I'm 26. And so it goes. I believe age is just a number and our opportunities are limitless!


Advice I would give to my younger self

“Stop beating yourself up and stop trying to be perfect. It took years to unpack and dismantle my inner critic and perfectionism. It wreaked havoc on my life. And while, in some ways, it drove me to enjoy a lot of career success, it also burned me to the ground. That said, I needed to go through that process in order to help the women I lead today.


We don’t believe in “The Pause.” Tell us, what are you not pausing on? 

I am not pausing a damn thing! Actually, that's a lie; I AM pausing on 1) feeling too old, 2) caring what people think, 3) fear, and 4) listening to societal/patriarchal/ageist BS. I'm on a mission to empower over one million women, so they do NOT PAUSE and instead have them realize this is the time to TURN IT UP! I preach,'You're Not Too F***ing Old!' to do Whatever the F You Want! We are in the the era of the midlife woman!'


What's your favorite Womaness product?

Let's Neck. I've been using this a few weeks and love it! I swear my neck is the one reminder that I am a midlife woman. No, I didn't listen to my mom and wear sunscreen growing up in Hawaii. Yes, I'm paying for it in myriad ways (but damn I love the sun!) and my crepey neck is a reminder that mom was always right! Anyhoo, I'm all for anything that makes us look and feel good and Let’s Neck is IT!


Word that best describes your Womaness

Aliveness! LFG! We have one wild and precious life (thank you, Mary Oliver), so let's live it to the fullest!


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