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Can technology help you navigate menopause?

Yes, says Lisa Health's Ann Garnier. Here's how she's making it happen.

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Ann Garnier on menopause technologyWhen it comes to tech trends, Ann Garnier, co-founder & CEO of Lisa Health, knows exactly what excites her most.

"More women are starting companies to address women’s unique needs, often because they’ve experienced a problem firsthand and were frustrated at the lack of solutions or poor design," she explains. "The entire approach to women’s health is being challenged and redesigned."

(We at Womaness agree and can relate!)

The healthcare leader recently joined our “Taking Questions” series to discuss technology, menopause, and a solution Lisa Health launched this summer: Midday, one of the first menopause-focused apps around, as technical innovation in our market still lags behind other women’s health sectors.

Her full interview is below. And if you've got your own questions for a menopause expert, join the next “Taking Questions” session at The After Party, our private Facebook group. Nothing's off limits!



Highlights & Tips from Ann Garnier 



Menopause is extremely complex. Think about it. You have 34 possible symptoms in innumerable combinations that change across the stages of menopause and are influenced by each woman’s unique physiology and other characteristics. Not to mention the fact that very few physicians are trained in menopausal care, so most women suffer in silence.

In our view, the only way to truly transform the menopause journey is to use the power of technology and data to truly understand what is happening to women’s bodies and deliver personalized therapeutic strategies that provide rapid relief and adapt as women’s symptoms and bodies change.

Women shouldn’t feel blindsided or have to suffer through years-long cycles of trial and error trying to figure things out on their own and wasting money. The technology exists to accelerate everything from knowing what stage of menopause you’re in and when you’re likely to reach menopause to reducing the frequency and severity of hot flashes.



Midday is an app that leverages AI, sensor technology, and digital therapeutics to support women on their menopause journey using personalized insights that illuminate what is happening physically and emotionally during menopause, providing the right intervention at the right time to manage menopause symptoms and promote healthy aging.


"Most women want to know what stage of menopause they’re in, and our app can tell them that and also let them track their progress toward reaching menopause."


One of the top features is our science-backed menopause assessment. Most women want to know what stage of menopause they’re in, and our app can tell them that and also let them track their progress toward reaching menopause. No more feeling blindsided and not knowing what to expect! Also, women have a broad range of needs and preferences for managing menopause symptoms, so we’ve created an end-to-end platform that includes personalized recommendations for evidence-based holistic support like meditation and mindfulness, products from top menopause brands, including Womaness, which our users love, and virtual care with menopause specialists. Add to that decision support for hormone therapy and science-backed education and you have a one-stop for all your menopause needs.



I’d love to cite a long list of favorite tech solutions. The problem is that there are very few.

I am excited about Madorra’s non-invasive, non-hormonal device for vaginal dryness. It’s not on the market yet, but hopefully will be soon. Materna Medical’s Millie device and Ohnut’s clever, simple device for painful sex are terrific and get top marks from menopause experts. For sex therapy and coaching, Rosy, an app that was created by a physician and sexual wellness expert, is top-notch.


Midday menopause app


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