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Ingredient Spotlight: Curcumin

A hormone-free alternative to naturally enhance your beauty, inside and out

By Kat Furness     3-Minute Read

Seeing turmeric everywhere lately? Those bright yellow powders, tonics, and creams have transcended the spice rack to have a major moment. Touted as a remedy for everything from joint stiffness to memory function to skin dullness, this anti-inflammatory powerhouse packs a punch thanks to curcumin—the antioxidant responsible for its impressive reputation.

The Future Is Bright

With age comes experience, and women at this stage of life are the coolest, smartest, most interesting women we know. But that doesn’t mean menopause is a walk in the park. With all the hormonal changes happening, your body (and face!) might be feeling a little less familiar than normal. Perhaps your complexion is glowing less than it used to, or you’re puffy in all the wrong places. But this isn’t the twilight of your life, it’s your golden age.

As we age, low-grade inflammation is considered to be the basis of most age-related diseases, including skin aging. Add dropping estrogen levels caused by menopause into the mix and your face might feel dehydrated and lackluster. Similarly, these same hormonal fluctuations can affect your mood and memory and lead to brain fog, or interfere with your digestion, leading to weight gain. So while you finally have the time, space, and wisdom to know what you want out of life, your body and mind may not feel so cooperative.

How Curcumin Can Help

Derived from turmeric, a member of the ginger family, curcumin is the active ingredient that makes this ancient remedy a game-changer. The antioxidant is the most potent natural anti-inflammatory there is, making it an obvious choice as an alternative to synthetic treatments. In fact, studies also show that curcumin is responsible for the “alleviation of aging” caused by inflammation.

Besides being anti-inflammatory, curcumin has been shown to be an effective moisturizing agent, which definitely comes in handy when the dry season of menopause pays a visit. And while there are plenty of topical skincare products that now include turmeric in one form or another, they’re also notorious for staining the skin. So if you’re keen to get glowing but would rather avoid the yellow cast, opting for an ingestible supplement could be a smarter way to go.


“Besides being anti-inflammatory, curcumin has been shown to be an effective moisturizing agent, which definitely comes in handy when the dry season of menopause pays a visit.”


If mental wellbeing is more your priority, then curcumin can lend a hand there too. When taken daily, studies show there were significant attention and memory benefits. Most likely, these benefits again stem from turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties, highlighting what an all-rounder this mellow yellow ingredient can be.

As most of menopause’s most challenging symptoms can be attributed to hormonal changes, it’s surprising to learn that curcumin is a known phytoestrogen—a plant-based source of estrogen. Research has also shown that curcumin can help balance serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline too, making it an ideal candidate to help combat the haze of brain fog. We understand the hesitation to lean on synthetic hormone treatments, so going plant-based with supplements that actually work might make a big difference. 

Look For It In…

Ready to light up the room? One of the challenges with curcumin can be its lack of bioavailability; or, in other words, its ability to be absorbed into the bloodstream easily. That’s why we opted to use Longvida® in our formulations. The much-studied ingredient is 285 times more bioavailable than standard curcumin extract, and supercharged to help you get the most out of this natural wonder. 

Active Glow is a revitalizing formula of natural, clinically proven ingredients that help you feel more supported, beautiful, and vibrant, particularly in your second act. To really get the party started, we teamed Longvida® with a few other friends, including hyaluronic acid, biotin, and Pomella® pomegranate extract, so you can look and feel like the fabulous femme you are. 

Go For Gold

If your visage is still craving some tender love and care, it’s worth exploring topical skincare products designed specifically for menopausal skin. Learn more about clean skincare solutions here

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