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Ask an OB/GYN: “Intermittent fasting: Any benefit beyond weight loss?”

Get the scoop from Rosy's Dr. Lyndsey Harper.

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Your Question:

“Are there other health benefits to intermittent fasting, other than weight loss? And how many hours should I be fasting?”


The Answer:

From Dr. Lyndsey Harper, Board-Certified OB/GYN & founder/CEO of Rosy: 

"There is pretty good data that intermittent fasting decreases insulin resistance. So for people who have an issue with that…the longer we go without spiking our blood sugar—not to an extreme by any means—if you can give your body a break from eating, it can increase our sensitivity to insulin.

As for the number of hours, it's always recommended that you start very gradually, and that you're not doing something like a 30-hour or 48-hour fast...that’s not what we're talking about."


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