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Ask a Doctor: "How do I find a menopause specialist?"

Dr. Somi Javaid shares her recommendations.

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Dr. Somi Javaid medical expert for Womaness

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Your Question:

I love my OB/GYN—he delivered my babies—but he doesn't know much about menopause. I know I need to find a new doctor. How do I find a menopause specialist?”


The Answer:

From Dr. Somi Javaid, board-certified OB/GYN physician/surgeon & founder & Chief Medical Officer of HerMD: “First of all, you have to ask your doctor if they have menopause or sexual health experience. And if you're talking to your doctor about these intimate things and they have their hand on the doorknob, don't waste your time…run. Don't even bother bargaining because they're not comfortable with it.

There are two societies I recommend for finding a doctor. North American Menopause Society (NAMS) lists certified doctors and menopause specialists like myself. And there's also an organization called ISSWSH, which stands for the International Society for Women's Sexual Health.

These both feature providers who have all had additional training and truly have the passion and want to partner with you in your care."

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