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A Word from Womaness on the Three S's of Menopause

By Sally Mueller & Michelle Jacobs     2-Minute Read
A Word from Womaness

After almost one year of creating modern menopause solutions for you, we’ve noticed a trend. There are three words that encapsulate much of what all women deal with in this phase of life: changes in sex, skin, and sleep.

Around here, they’ve become known as “The Three S’s of Menopause.”

These are the major symptoms that stress you out, toy with your emotions, and give you pause. But you know us…we don’t actually believe in pausing for menopause. That’s why we’re gearing up this month to bring you more ways to tackle the three big S’s and stay unstoppable. Here’s how:

1. SEX

As we head into Valentine’s Day, it’s an obvious time to remind ourselves to commit to more self-love—especially since regular sexual activity keeps vaginal tissues healthier in menopause. But this won’t be the only time we highlight how extremely important your libido and sensual side is to you; keep your eyes peeled in early spring for a new way to indulge your sexy self (because oooo, it's going to be a good one).


The Womaness skincare line is always here to keep you hydrated and feeling gorgeous, and our next solution is just around the corner (hint: look for it this month). We know you’ll love the addition of a gold-standard ingredient to your routine. And the bonus? We went all out with its applicator, if we do say so ourselves. It’s the kind of innovation we’re proud to be getting noticed for.


Our newest supplement Let Me Sleep—which helps you fall asleep and stay asleep—just launched at the end of January...and you went all in (thank you!). We were thrilled that so many of you decided to try our unique melatonin and magnesium solution (and hope you’ll give us your feedback in its product review section; it is so helpful). But we weren’t totally surprised you were into it: Lack of sleep is a concern you tell us about time and again. And truth be told, it's an issue we both deal with personally (ask Sally about her "3 AM board meetings with herself"). Isn’t it about time we all ditch the buzzing, wide-awake-at-three brain and calmly sleep through ‘til morning? We’ve got entirely too much to do to have lack of sleep slow us down, thanks.very.much.

No matter what "S" you're dealing with this montheven if it's spring break planning, another surprise snowstorm, or simply your complicated feelings on the reboot of Sex and the Citywe hope you're still committing to you and advocating for what you need. We understand, we're listening, and we're right there with you as you take it all on.

Here's to a February full of menopositivity,

Sally & Michelle, Co-Founders

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