Reusable Cotton Rounds


Our luxe reusable cotton rounds—a smart alternative to single-use cotton pads—are a soft, sustainable way to apply exfoliating toner and makeup remover while reducing waste. Toss them in the included mesh pouch to wash…and reuse on the daily.

  • A sustainable, less-waste alternative to single-use cotton pads
  • Includes 5 reusable double-sided cotton rounds with a cotton mesh pouch
  • Made from bamboo cotton to be soft, gentle, effective, and durable
  • Easy to wash: Place in their mesh pouch and toss in the laundry
  • Perfect for all skin types

5 soft bamboo cotton rounds & washable mesh pouch  

5 cotton rounds / 1 mesh pouch


Crafted from soft bamboo cotton to be effective, durable, and gentle on your skin, our machine-washable cotton rounds make your everyday skincare routine more sustainable. Each mesh pouch contains five reusable rounds that you simply wash, dry, and use with an exfoliating toner like Brighten Up or your favorite makeup remover to swipe across skin—and cut down on disposable single-use cotton pads.


Absolutely no estrogen, phytoestrogen, or added hormones. Free from animal-derived ingredients, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial colors, formaldehyde, and mineral oils.

How To Use

Soak a dry, clean cotton round with exfoliating toner or makeup remover, then swipe across your skin.

How to Wash: 

Launder after each use. Place the reusable cotton rounds in their mesh pouch, zip closed, and wash on a gentle cycle with like colors. You can tumble dry low, but we recommend laying them flat to dry (they’ll last even longer).

Hero Ingredients


Double layer bamboo cotton material


Cotton mesh


How many cotton rounds come in each set?

Each mesh pouch contains 5 reusable cotton rounds.

What size are the rounds and the pouch?

Each cotton round has a 3-inch (8cm) diameter. The mesh bag is 4.7” x 4.7” (12cm x 12cm).

How do you wash the rounds?

We recommend laundering your reusable cotton rounds after each use. To do so, place the rounds in their included mesh pouch and zip it closed. Toss in the wash on a gentle cycle with similar colors. You can tumble dry low, but we prefer to lay them flat to air-dry (they’ll stick around longer that way).

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Reusable Cotton Rounds
Reusable Cotton Rounds