Rewards and Loyalty

How does the Womaness Rewards Program work?

Active rewards members enjoy exclusive perks and unlock access to free products and discounts. Based on your annual spending, you will fall into one of three tiers. For each purchase you make, you’ll earn points per dollar spent.

You can redeem points for discounts or free select products on future purchases — just log in to your account when checking out to have access to your Rewards Points. Points expire after 12 months of inactivity (earning or redeeming points), so make sure to spend your points and try something new!


How do I become a Womaness Rewards member?

Signing up for our rewards program is simple! Simply navigate to the Rewards page located in the top right corner and create a free account with us. You’ll receive a confirmation email, and then you’re good to go! You earn 25 points just by creating an account. Once you’re an Rewards member, you will have full access to our offerings, free products, and more. Just be sure to sign in with the same account/email each time you shop.

As you spend, you’ll level up to higher tiers to access even more rewards benefits.


How do the tiers work?

The higher your tier, the more benefits you’ll unlock. Rewards members have three different tiers: Glow-Getter, Visionary, and Menopositivity MVP. When you sign up, you’ll automatically start as a part of the Glow-Getter tier. You’ll be able to level up to the next tier when you spend and earn a certain point threshold: Glow-Getter ($1), Visionary ($100), Menopositivity MVP ($200). With each tier, you’ll also unlock new benefits and redemption opportunities, plus exclusive discounts and opportunities. Your tier status term is based on a rolling year (a 12-month period once you reach a tier status).


How do I earn points?

You can earn points by doing the following:

  • Earn 25 points when you create your account upon joining our rewards program and spend $1
  • Earn points every time you make a purchase! Glow-Getters earn 1 point for every $1 spent, Visionaries earn 1.5 points for every $1 spent, and Menopositivity VIPs members earn 2 points for every $1 spent
  • Enter your birthday for 100 points
  • Earn 10 points by following our Instagram, TikTok, & Facebook accounts 
  • Earn 75 points when you join The After Party, our private Facebook group
  • Earn up to 200 points when you refer a friend through our link
  • Earn 100 points when you sign up to receive text messages

When do my rewards points expire?

Your points will expire after 12 months of inactivity. This 12-month window will reset after every purchase or redemption of points, so be sure to keep your account active.

Can I use more than one reward on a purchase?

Yes. You are able to use a discount code and redeem a free product within the same order. However, only one discount code can be applied at a time. Any unused discount codes will remain in your account and can be applied to future orders, so don’t worry about losing those.

If I make a return, will I lose my points?

In the event of a return/exchange with a 60-day window of any eligible purchase that initially earned points, such points will be deducted automatically from the account that was used for the eligible purchase (whether or not the order number is presented at the time of return and/or exchange). Points will be deducted at the same rate as they were earned. Upon the return and/or exchange of products awarded through the redemption of points, all redeemed points will be forfeited.

Do you offer a Refer a Friend program?

Yes! Please go to this link to see the details of how you can earn a $10 credit when you refer a friend.