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For Life That’s Full Speed Ahead

Get super-absorbent, comfortable, and discreet protection from annoying little leaks.

Everyday Light Bladder Leak Protection 22 Regular Length Pads

22 liners


Leave it to menopause to ruin a good laugh, huh? If you’re experiencing some, ahem, uncomfortable leakage from everyday activity (spin class, lifting heavy bags, a sneeze, or a much-needed chuckle), we feel you, we get you, we are you. That’s why we created these ultra-thin yet highly-absorbent liners—with 100% organic cotton top sheet and super-stick adhesive strip—to deliver the life-proof protection you need to stay comfortable, dry, and ready for anything (side-splitting jokes included).

Absolutely no perfumes or lotions, artificial dyes, Diethanolamine, pesticides, or natural latex. Elemental chlorine free.

How To Use

Peel off protector, press in place, get going (and stop worrying).

Our Tip: You know the deal: These aren’t flushable. Please dispose in a wastebasket.

Hero Ingredients


100% Organic Cotton Top sheet: Gentle on skin + free of pesticides and GMOs

Absorption Layer: Pulls liquid away from skin + keeps you dry

Fluff Core: Stores liquid + absorbs 15 times its weight

Bio-PE Backsheet: Features a leakage barrier + made of plant-based materials


Are your Go Go Liners biodegradable?

Of the four layers of protection contained in each of our Go Go Liners, only the sugar cane-derived backsheet is biodegradable. 

How do I dispose Go Go Liners?

The liners are not flushable and we recommend disposing them in a wastebasket.

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