People: 'Womaness' Co-Founders Aim to 'Celebrate Women' with Their Menopause Wellness Brand

Oct 19, 2022

When Sally Mueller struggled to find menopause products a few years ago, the longtime brand officer realized there was more silence than support — and she could't find the medications and treatments she was hoping for.

So the Minnesota-based businesswoman teamed up with her longtime friend Michelle Jacobs to start brainstorming ways to create products and a community that "celebrate women in this stage of life."

"We wanted to create a brand for women like ourselves," says Mueller, 58. She and Jacobs, 50, launched their wellness brand Womaness in 2021, which offers products to aid women experiencing symptoms connected to menopause. They also host events where women can hear from experts and discuss their experiences, and the brand also has a private Facebook group called "The Afterparty," where customers and others alike share stories, health news and advice.


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