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You ready to glow?

Buckle up. Because November—and all that comes with it—is back.

By Sally Mueller & Michelle Jacobs     2-Minute Read
Sally Mueller and Michelle Jacobs of Womaness

One of our most loved Instagram posts (both by you and our team) recently featured a clip of Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph back in their Saturday Night Live days in the popular sketch “Bronx Beat.” 

You remember the one. And if not, we’ve got two words for you:

Sweater weather. Or, perhaps, “sweata weatha,” if we’re being precise.




In this beloved episode, Betty (Amy's character) and Jodi (Maya's) applaud the fact that Halloween is finally over and it was then time, indeed, to cuddle into favorite knitwear and hunker down for November.

But let's be honest. These days, November for those of us the age of Amy (now 51) and Maya (50) is not just about a perfectly roasted turkey and a cute v-neck (though we'll happily take either). This time of year is capital-B BUSY.


"This time of year is capital-B BUSY."


You know the drill. It’s about planning little meals around The Big Meal, re-confirming travel plans, shopping for gifts, hosting the party, figuring out outfits, pivoting around the school calendar, navigating work with several coworkers out...and all while dealing with the changing hormones of menopause.

We call it The Great Juggle of November (December, too!), and we’re feeling it along with you. Hard.

So let this serve as your reminder: Make some time for yourself as we shift into the holiday season. Take a breather. Google an old comedy sketch. Say yes to a second glass of wine. Pinpoint what makes you feel your glow (inside and out), whether it's a gorgeous new travel kit, a way to soothe things like on-the-go joints, a sexy moment to yourself, or hey, even a little something made from cashmere while you're out shopping for everyone else.

It is sweater weather, after all.  


Yours in menopositivity,

Sally & Michelle, Womaness Co-Founders

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