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The Importance of "Firsts"

A Word from Womaness on what it means to make a milestone

By Sally Mueller & Michelle Jacobs     2-Minute Read
A Word from Womaness

We make a big deal about a lot of “first times” in life. First steps. First day of school. “Your first.” First job, marriage, baby.

But don’t they all seem way too attached to the first half of life?

These days, we feel like the firsts we experience are actually the juiciest and most satisfying. Sure, we’re talking the first time you may be mortgage-free, child-free, or free to make a major change you’ve been dreaming about. But it’s also the first time you really know who you are and what you want. And if you’re like us, it’s also the first time you’ve realized you were wrong all along: that midlife is the time you feel your wisest, most confident, and most sexy.

It’s these kinds of “firsts” that we’re celebrating this March and we can’t wait to give you the scoop (spoiler alert: we’re putting on our party hats!). Here’s the deal:


OK, this is big. (!!) It's now been one year of creating solutions for women, by women—so no one has to pause for menopause. It’s our anniversary, but we’re making it all about you…we simply couldn’t have made this milestone without your support. Look for our gifts to you, like freebies and promotions, a chance to win in a giveaway you'll love, events, and little ways we’re saying thank you all month long. We’re beyond grateful to you!


As the first modern menopause brand created by women, for women everywhere with solutions from head to toe (and everything in between), we're especially delighted to be turning one during Women’s History Month. All month and on International Women’s Day, March 8, we’ll be honoring unstoppable women (like you) who are making a difference and aren't pausing for menopause. Together, we are all making history and changing the conversation. 


Together, we are also changing the marketplace for menopause. Look for our announcement this month on how we’re creating even more shelf space for the solutions you need in the places you love to shop. Because yeah, it’s about time—and you deserve it.

Thank you being part of our own history. You keep us going and keep us inspired. There’s so much more to come...and we are just getting started.

Menopause, meet your match.
Sally & Michelle, Co-Founders

 Womaness Co-Founders