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Ask an OB/GYN: "What's your #1 treatment for vaginal dryness?"

Here's Dr. Lyndsey Harper's first line of defense for dryness down there.

By Dr. Lyndsey Harper   1-Minute Read

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Your Question:

“What is the number-one treatment you recommend for a patient with vaginal dryness?”


The Answer:

From Dr. Lyndsey Harper, Board-Certified OB/GYN & founder/CEO of Rosy: 

"If you're experiencing vaginal dryness that started around the time of menopause, then we can infer using what we know about menopause: estrogen levels have gone down and testosterone levels have gone down, and because of that, your vaginal tissue got thinner. It doesn't make as much of its own moisture, and it is more prone to easily tearing.

I always recommend lubrication (even for people who are not menopausal) because it increases sexual pleasure even in the absence of pain. Lubrication is never a bad idea! You just want to make sure you understand the components of the lube so you can use it appropriately in the right situations.


"Lubrication is never a bad idea!"


And then if lubrication doesn't cut it, vaginal estrogen or a vaginal DHEA are really great options as well.

You should definitely be in contact with your women's health provider about this, because nobody ever needs to suffer with vaginal dryness and resulting sexual pain as there are lots and lots of options for it."


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