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Ask an Esthetician: “Why is SPF extra important for menopausal skin?”

Learn why you're now more susceptible to sun damage.

By Womaness Editors   1-Minute Read

Jennifer Adell Licensed esthetician for Womaness

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Your Question:

“Why does SPF make a difference specifically for menopausal skin?”


The Answer:

From Jennifer Adell, a licensed esthetician and skincare expert based in Connecticut who is also trained in energy medicine for mind and body healing: 

“With your estrogen levels dropping in menopause, there's less melanin produced.

And with melanin, you might think, ‘Oh, that makes us have sun spots.’ But melanin is actually protecting you against UV rays and any resulting skin damage.

So you should always protect yourself from the sun—but as those estrogen and melanin levels start to drop, it's especially important!”


"With your estrogen levels dropping in menopause, there's less melanin produced..."


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