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Natural Ways to Tackle Hot Flashes

A powerful natural ingredient helps combat the telltale sign of a heat wave

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Knowing that nearly 75% of women in the U.S. experience hot flashes is comforting philosophically. But it does little to eliminate the unpredictable and uncomfortable heat waves caused when your body’s temperature spikes...mostly at inopportune times. (Is there any good time, really?) While there is no cure for hot flashes and night sweats in menopause, there are ways to keep your cool and combat the embarrassing (read: sweaty) aftermath.

Heat of the Moment

The cause of hot flashes is believed to be the result of changes in the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that regulates the body’s temperature. If the hypothalamus senses that you are too warm, it starts a chain of events to cool you down. Blood vessels near the surface of the skin begin to dilate and enlarge, increasing blood flow to the surface in an attempt to dissipate that body heat. This produces a red, flushed look to your face and neck. It often also kickstarts perspiration to help the body cool down, bringing with it wetness and lingering odor.

It’s All in the Enzymes

While the heat inevitably subsides after a hot flash, perspiration and odor stick around, making you feel less than fresh. A perfume or deodorant may mask it, but they do little to neutralize the root cause. That’s where natural enzymes come into play. While perspiration is naturally odorless, the, ahem, lovely smell emanating from places like your underarms is due to the bacteria that lives on skin naturally. Natural acidic enzymes help to break down the bacteria that cause odor, stopping the sour smell in its tracks.

Mist Me Much?

We set out to create an essential menopause solution that not only helps cool you down via a refreshing mist, but fight the feeling of discomfort and odor afterward. Gone in a Hot Flash contains a dynamic set of ingredients, including DEOPLEX®, a safe, plant-derived odor absorber with powerful enzymes that naturally neutralize smells. It’s made to instantly soothe the hot flashes and night sweats that flare up thanks to your changing hormones using a micro-mist formula with a floral scent made from essential oils. It also calms the skin with a non-irritating, menthol-free cooling sensation and neutralizes that residual odor, too. Made for on-the-go portability, it’s safe to spray anywhere—from face (even over makeup) to body to intimate area—wherever you need a little bit of calm. Stow one in your bag, your desk, by your bed...and get back to your cool self in no time.

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